What is Scrobble Mode?

Scrobble Mode can be activated only if you are connected with Last.fm. If you toggle Scrobble mode to 'Yes', then all the tracks you listen on Molamp are automatically posted (scrobbled) to your Last.fm account.

What is Social Sharing?

Social Sharing can be activated only if you are connected with Facebook. If you toggle Social Sharing to 'Yes', then all the videos you watch on Molamp are automatically posted on your Facebook timeline after 20 seconds of watching.

I can't search for songs. How do I find a song?

You can only search for artists and bands. If you want to find a particular song, we recommend using Youtube.com, however Molamp is the perfect solution if you want to listen to an artist tracks and albums.

I can't find an artist. What do I do?

First, please make sure you didn't mispelled the name. If that is not the case, we apologize as the current version of the application does not work that well with foreign artists which have a common name.

I can't find a track in the default tracklist. How do I add more tracks?

You can add more tracks by clicking the button at the bottom of the tracklist which indicates adding more tracks.